Uro Sept

Ingredients: Propolis, Alcohol, Uvae ursi, Betulae folium, Agrimonia eupatoria, Origanum vulgare

Uro Sept drops are a natural dietary supplement based on propolis and organic herbs.
Propolis is a bee product of a very complex composition, rich in flavonoids, amino acids, vitamins (B1, E, B2, C), minerals, aromatic acids. Propolis, combined with the organic herbs, does not damage the normal intestinal flora. It helps to strengthen the body in the fight against various infections.
Uro-Sept-propolis-dropsUro Sept Drops help:

  • treating urinary tract infections
  • treating bacterial urinary tract infection (Echerichia coli klepsiela, micrococus),
  • with easier elimination of sand and small pebbles
  • better fluid discharge
Instructions for use:

Children 1-2 years_ 1 or 3×5 herbal drops or 10 Herbal-drops (during infection)
Children 2-5 years, 3 x10 herbal drops
Children 5-12 years, 3 x 15 herbal drops
Adults 3 x 20-30 herbal drops daily,

Propolis drops can be taken daily before meals with a little brown sugar or water, honey or tea.

This product can be taken daily, once a day or in the period of the infection (for better results use EKOURO Herbal Mixture with URO SEPT Drops)

Contraindications are not known except in people who are allergic to propolis alone. It can be consumed with  any treatment. This natural product can drink pregnant and lactating women.

** Uro Sept drops are a natural dietary supplement and they can not be used as a substitute for food.