Marigold ointment

Ingredients: Organic marigold flowers, bee’s wax

marigold-natural-ointmentMARIGOLD OINTMENT (50ml) – 100% natural ointment

Marigold (Calendula officinalis) ointment helps:
  • with skin regeneration and recovery
  • with skin bruising
  • against skin capillary
  • against hemorrhoids
  • after insect bites
  • to remove scars
  • against skin pigmentation

**Ointment is made according to the recipe, which is protected by the Intellectual Property Office

Marigold ointment is completely natural grease, made from fresh marigold flowers, without preservatives, emulsifiers and without chemical additives and artificial fragrances. Marigold ointment is suitable for all ages and can be used daily.