Comfrey tincture

Ingredients: Organic comfrey root, alcohol

comfrey-tinctureCOMFREY TINCTURE (200 ml and 100 ml) – 100% natural tincture

Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) tincture helps:

  • against rheumatic disorders,
  • with veins problems,
  • with contusion and sprain,
  • with pulled ligaments,
  • with sport injuries,
  • with fractures (It can be consumed for faster healing)

* Tincture is made according to the recipe, which is protected by the Intellectual Property Office

Comfrey tincture is completely natural tincture without preservatives or emulsifiers. Comfrey tincture is suitable for all ages and for long-term use. It is made from organic certified plants.