Ingredients: Stinging Nettle leaf (Common Nettle) (Urticae folium), Horsetail (Equisetum herba), Senna (Sennae folium), Silver Birch leaf (Betulae folium), Elderberry leaf (Sambucus flos), Glossy Buckthorn (Rhamnus frangula)

Ekofit-organic-herbal-mixtureHerbal Mixture EkoFit helps:

  • to regulate the metabolism,
  • with better fluid ejection,
  • with spring body detoxification,
  • with regulation of body weight
Instructions for use:
– Pour 0,5 liters of boiled water over 1 soup spoon of tea, cover it, leave it for 10 minutes to rest, strain it and drink it during the day.

Ekofit tea can be used every day without interruption. Contraindications are not known.

** Ekofit tea is a dietary supplement and cannot be used as a substitute for food.