Cholesterol – healthy diet

Today, improper nutrition is a major cause of increased level of cholesterol in our body:
– Drastically increased consumption of animal food full of cholesterol, and strong reduction of the food of plant origin that do not contain cholesterol;
– The use of sweets (cookies, cakes, ice cream, pancakes);
– The use of large amounts of alcohol, carbonated drinks;
– Use whole milk, cheese, sour cream;
– Stress, depression;
– Lack of physical activity (exercise, a daily brisk walk);
– Unselective use of medications;
– Smoking (disturbs the ratio of HDL and LDL), and
– In special cases, only rarely, genetics.
Consuming above mentioned improper nutrition and conducting unhealthy lifestyles lead to very dangerous consequences on our body and drastically increase the level of mortality:
– Atherosclerosis;
– Heart diseases;
– Stroke;
– Hardening and narrowing of the blood vessels, and
– Adversely affecting the general wellbeing of our bodily functions.
Modern Nutrition in contrast to Healthy Nutrition has negative effects on our health and increases mortality irrespective to the age.
In contrast to the “contemporary” nutrition, not only healthy nutrition is able to stop the negative effects on our health and our body function, but it can also improve the improper state of or body and enable us to conduct more healthy and fulfilling life.

Proper Nutrition and Natural Supplements

Regardless of whether all cholesterol values are disturbed or only some of them, fixing of increased levels of cholesterol requires, in the first place, transferring to a proper nutrition and starting with physical activity – exercise.
For achieving success in treating these health problems, it is necessary to adjust the natural therapy to each person, depending on the circumstances in which the person lives and works in. Regardless of which natural supplements will be included in nutrition, a healthy nutrition is essential.

You need to expel from your nutrition:cholesterol proper nutrition
-White bread and rolls;
– Drastically reduce or eliminate from nutrition food of animal origin (meat, sausages, fried food);
– Sweets and snacks (cookies, cakes, ice cream, pancakes, spicy snacks);
-Whole milk;
– Alcohol and carbonated drinks
– Nicotine (preferably entirely expel or drastically reduce).

Instead of the said food, use:cholesterol proper nutrition - 2

– Wholegrain bread and rolls (integral rye, wheat, oat flour);
– If a person does not waive entirely of meat, wild fish from the clear waters, lean meat (boiled, steamed or fried) can be consumed once a week to 2 times a week;
– All vegetables (salads, pies integral barks, boiled vegetables);
– Yogurt 0% fat, no cholesterol;
– Young skimmed cheese;
– Natural juices without preservatives and additives;
– Cold-pressed oils are cholesterol free (pumpkin, flax, sesame, corn seed oil)
– Consuming more garlic and onion in food, honey, bee products, cooked food (beans, peas, cabbage),
– Use instead of wine and alcohol, organic wild apple vinegar.
Along with this diet, you must include physical activity. Whether it is going to be exercising or fast walking every day – depends on different ages. It is necessary to include physical activity lasting at least half an hour.

In order to bring increased cholesterol down to the desirable level and thereby improve health, natural supplements can help. They can successfully replace medications for cholesterol. Preferably, before starting using medications, first include a proper nutrition, exercise and natural supplements, then, monitor the effects of the therapy. In most cases (90%) indicated therapy is effective.

There are rare cases in which improper nutrition coincides with genetics, thus, in addition to the mentioned therapy it is necessary to include the medications.