What is Candida?

Candida is widespread in nature; it lives as a saprophyte in the human mucosa (mucous membrane of mouth, digestive system, bronchi and vagina). This means that it is a natural inhabitant of the body, it protects our organism. The food industry development (heavy use of preservatives, additives, emulsifiers), vast consumption of mediations, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, have influenced on Candida to multiply uncontrollably (mutate) and to become aggressive fungal infection. The latest research conduceted in Sweden shows that stress is also one of the causes influencing the development of Candidiasis. These fungi type, with their roots, penetrate mucosa so that Candida toxins enter the bloodstream and affect the entire body, causing a large number of physical and mental symptoms.

Candidiasis, the aggressive fungal infection, was discovered first in 1983 by he general practitioners and nutritionists, but the disease itself has not been given a significant place in the official medicine, so there are still no reliable routine medical tests for its detection. You need to monitor the health symptoms and the reaction of your body to food, so you will be able to react in time.

Nowadays, Candida has become a major health problem, especially because of the circumstances of its not so easy laboratory diagnosis.

Some reasons of Candidiasis origination and emersion of “vicious” Candida are:

– food exuberant with sweers, fizzy drinks, food exuberant with preservatives and additivies, “fast food” consumption;
– consumption of medications such as: antibiotics, hormone therapy, antidepressants, analgesics, severe toxic midications;
– consuming of alcohol, nicotine, coffee;
– stress, depression, anxiety;
– decline in immunity.