Systemic candidiasis

The appearance of bad Candida in a specific part of the body (digestive, respiratory, or genital ..) conditions usage of natural treatment in the manner which is adjusted to the specific problem. When it comes to systemic Candidiasis, it means that bad Candida is activated in most parts of the body, which can by recognized by the symptoms that accompany it. In this case it is recommended to consume the complete treatment with organic products that help clean the bad Candida (to return it to normal state) and strengthens and cleans the complete body.

Combination of organic products which help in treatment of Systemic Candidiasis:
Natural treatment for systemic yeast infection

Instructions for use

Before breakfast:
1 x Tea spoon of IMUNOENERGETIK
20-30 x CANDI SEPT drops

After breakfast:
20 x  GREEN WALNUT drops
1 x teaspoon of Organic ALFALFA powder

Before lunch:
20 – 30 x CANDI SEPT drops

After lunch:
20 x GREEN WALNUT drops

Before dinner:
1 x Tea spoon of IMUNOENERGETIK 
20-30 x CANDI SEPT drops

After dinner:
20 x  GREEN WALNUT drops
1 x teaspoon of Organic ALFALFA powder

During the day drink 1-2 l of  EKOKANDI herbal mixture independently from meals.

Every night rinse with douche:
First night rinse with EKOKANDI herbal mixture
Second night with WILLOW BARK tea,
and then keep repeating the process.
After rinsing, smear PROPOSAN Ointment, outside and little bit on the inside of vaginal mucous. During the treatment use natural vaginal pills. (FITOVAG or PROPOVAG advised)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: During the menstrual cycle do not rinse with douche. It is very important to keep genital hygiene by using natural soaps, 100% cotton (or natural) underwear, and during the menstrual cycle use only natural 100% cotton napkins.

**Next to the natural treatment it is very important to apply PROPER NUTRITION REGIME for Candida.

Cleaning period takes 6 to 12 months, but during the treattment the symptoms will withdraw and you will start feeling better and better, havingmore energy and feeling fresh.

***This natural treatment with organic products is adjusted for all ages. It can be applied with children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.