Neurological disorders caused by Candidiasis

Symptoms: depression, anxiety, fatigue, dizziness, loss of concentration, alcohol intoxication, lack of mental and physical strength, irritability, insomnia, moodiness, panic, fear.
Causes: loss of immunity, variety of medicinal therapy, consuming of irregular and unhealthy food.

Very often, these symptoms are related to the pure state of depression or anxiety, which are treated with medication therapy. Usage of these medications complicates the state because the medications feed “vicious” Candida and increase bad symptoms resulted from development of Candidiasis, thus, most people lose their hope in ever achieving improvement.
In such forms of Candidiasis, people need to consider which are the causes that led to the activation of such state, and they should make a decision to help themselves because in this way they will be able to start with their struggle for improvement of their mental and overall health.

Therapy with organic herbs

Neurological disorders caused by Candida
Before breakfast:
1 tea spoon of IMUNOENERGETIK
20-30 CANDI SEPT drops

After breakfast:
20 VALERIAN drops

Before lunch:
1 tea spoon of IMUNOENERGETIK
20-30 CANDI SEPT drops
Before dinner:
1 tea spoon of IMUNOENERGETIK
20-30 CANDI SEPT drops

After dinner:

During the day drink 0,5 liter  tea of EKOKANDI Mixture and 0,5 liter tea of EKORELAX Mixture.

In addition to applying the therapy of organic products, it is necessary to apply our regime of proper nutrition with Candida.
With these forms of Candidiasis, along with strengthening of immune system and cleaning of “vicious“ Candida, it is necessary to encourage the positive way of thinking, relaxing with EKORELAX Tea ) and VALERIAN Drops.

The more you are mentally prepared to get a grip on the problem, the faster you will get clean from “vicious” Candida. The therapy normally lasts from 4 to 8 months. It lasts longer in case the problem persists over 2 to 3 years.
Spending time in the fresh air, fast walking, exercise, positive family environment will help you in overcoming Candidiasis faster.