Candidiasis of skin and nails

Candidiasis of skin and nailsSymptoms: dry or chapped skin, “STINGING NETTLE rash”, generally itching, skin flaking, cracking palms and finger and toe tips, redness, rash (allergic skin reaction), water blisters, excessive sweating of feet accompanied by itching, feet odour.
Candidiasis of nails – symptoms: yellow nails, thickened, rough and uneven nails, irregular nail growth and ingrowth of nails, brittle nails, damaged nails down to its root.
Causes: The causes are the same as for other types of Candidiasis phenomena.

It is important to emphasize that the skin and nail Candidiasis cannot be successfully treated only with external therapy. In order to strengthen the immune system, cleaning the body from “vicious” Candida, as well as implementing mandatory treatment with proper nutrition , it is also necessary to consume the following therapy:

Therapy with organic herbs

Candidiasis of skin and nails

Before breakfast:
1 tea spoon of IMUNOENERGETIK
20-30 CANDI SEPT drops
Before lunch:
20-30 CANDI SEPT drops

After lunch:
20 RAMSON drops

Before dinner:
1 tea spoon of IMUNOENERGETIK
20-30 CANDI SEPT drops

During the day drink 1-2 liters of tea EKOKANDI Mixture independently of meals.

Together with the above therapy for skin Candidiasis, it is necessary to smear PROPOSAN Ointment, HERBAPLANT Lotion, HERBAPLANT Cream.
With dry skin changes, it is recommended to rinse skin with EKOKANDI Tea and to smear PROPOSAN Ointment.

With moist skin changes, it is necessary to rinse skin with EKOKANDI Tea , or to make a bath with organic TETTERWORTH/BLOODROOT Tea (Lat. Chelidonium majus) and organic LADY’S MANTLE Tea (Lat. Alchemilla vulgaris), first, smear HERBAPLANT Lotion for drying, later smear HERBAPLANT Cream . As far as skin regeneration is concerned, it should be carried out with PROPOSAN Ointment.

**It is necessary to consume this organic therapy properly from 4 to 8 months in order to completely overcome the symptoms. Even after said period, it is desirable to apply the therapy once or twice a day in order to strengthen the organism.

With nail Candidiasis, together with mentioned and proper nutrition, it is necessary to apply the following treatment:
Every night, before going to sleep, soak your hands or feet in EKOKANDI Tea 5 to 10 minutes, dry them and then dip them with CANDI SEPT Drops underneath the nail, the root and the affected (damaged) spots. During the day, smear PROPOSAN Ointment . Preferably, dip the nails with CANDI SEPT Drops , not only at night but once during the day, as well.

When applying organic therapies, the nails begin to grow healthy from the root, therefore it is necessary to cut them straight without side scribing and constantly, without interruption, carry out the therapy until the nails grow healthy till the end. Varying from person to person, the nails grow longer or slower, hence the therapy duration will depend upon it, too. Depending on the damage of the nails, the average therapy will last from 6 months to a year. For preventive purposes, usage of PROPOSAN Ointment is recommended and it can be used indefinitely.