Candida – Proper nutrition

Two decades of experience in treating Candidiasis confirm that proper nutrition that we recommend with our organic therapy, plays very important role in treating bad Candida (yeast infection).

The facts supporting this statement suggest that problems with Candida did not exist in this extent while the people lived healthy and ate healthy products without additives, emulsifiers, artificial colors and other toxins.

There are many recommended diet regimes that are rigorous and have more negative than positive effects on the human organism, and thus on the treatment of “vicious” Candida. Proper nutrition for treatment of “vicious” Candida does not imply starvation of human body and destruction of its immunity, but it includes consumption of healthy food that accelerates recovery. In the framework of proper nutrition, organic food occupies an important place as well as organic supplements to food. When using our therapy in the fighting against Candidiasis, we recommend exclusively the said dietary regime.


  • Dough and pastry made of white flour full of additives;
  • Carbonated drinks (avoid especially all carbonated drinks, juices with artificial flavors, effervescent vitamins);
  • Brewer’s yeast (or vitamin B complex in pure form);
  • Milk from animals;
  • Very acidic food (with essential oils and artificial preservatives);
  • Eliminate chocolate, cakes, ointments;
  • Eliminate alcohol, coffee and possibly nicotine;
  • Eliminate junk food (pizza, hot dogs, burgers, burgers, etc);
  • Eliminate canned food (winter food (“zimnica”) with preservatives, pate, salami, and formulated Frankfurters)
  • Eliminate snacks (salty sticks, potato crisps (chips), peanut flips)

In cases of long-term problem with Candidiasis, it is possible that an allergy appears on some kind of food that is allowed to be eaten; in such cases, this kind of food should be avoided until the body gets stronger enough.

  • Wholegrain bread and biscuits made with yeast but without additives and artificial colors (corn flour, wholegrain flour, wheat flour, barley flour, oat flour, buckwheat flour). Do not use baking powder and baking soda when making pastries and breads;
  • Pies with integral barks, semi-skimmed cheese (10% fat) and yogurt from 0 to 0.5% fat;
  • Cooked food (soups, pottage, stews, beans, peas, paprikash, goulash, cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers) prepared only with natural ingredients (sea (natural) salt, basil, pepper, mint, thyme, dill, thyme, rosemary, bay leaf, parsley, celery) and cold-squeezed oil (extra virgin olive oil for salads, corn oil, sesame oil, linseed oil, pumpkin oil, grape seed oil, peanut oil);
    Braised, roasted and boiled meat (veal, beef, fish, organic chicken, venison);
  • All types of fruit and vegetables, salads (seasonal fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh salads with organic apple vinegar);
  • Juices (thick or clear) without sugar and additives, squeezed orange, lemon, apple;
  • Consume as much garlic or garlic beads as possible;
  • 0 to 0.5% fat yogurt and sour milk (with acidophilus, probiotic);
  • Skimmed cheese 10% fat, semi-skimmed sour cream 12% fat (dairy products are preferable in small quantities);
  • Natural honey, jam without preservatives, maltex – barley malt (apple pie, cherry with integral barks and maltex as sweetener);
  • Cereals (oats, rye, barley, rice, wheat, flax).
Salad as Per Our Protected Recipe:
Put in a cup yogurt from 0 to 0.5% fat, grated small carrot, half teaspoon of cinnamon, half a teaspoon of ginger, one half clove cut garlic, half a teaspoon of organic Goat’s Rue (Lat. Galega officinalis) produced by »IN SPE« d.o.o. (»IN SPE« Ltd.) and eat up everything as a salad once a day. (Consumption of this salad helps easier cleaning of toxins released during elimination of “vicious” Candida in human organism).