Candida in upper respiratory tract

Symptoms: White deposits on the tongue, fissures on the tongue, “stamps” on the tongue, mouth ulcers, dry mouth, metallic taste, a chronic inflammation of the throat or tonsils, cough, scratchy throat, feeling the presence of hair in the throat, a sense of dumplings, the need to cough out something but enable to, hoarseness, shortness of breath, fatigue.

The causes of these symptoms may be the use of antibiotics or other medications, stress, carbonated drinks, fast food, nicotine, decline in immunity, longer stay in the contaminated areas, sweets, fast food. If the swab findings are sterile, and you still feel some of these symptoms, and you also had some of the causes, you can suspect that you have a fungal infection of Candidiasis.

Our natural therapy is 100% effective but it requires discipline and patience while using it. Along with our therapy goes our nourishment that is not a rigorous one, but a proper nutrition, which is not feeding the existing “vicious” Candida, but it is helping human organism to cope with it.

Treatment with organic products

Candida upper respiratory tract

Instructions for use

Before breakfast:
1 x Tea spoon of IMUNOENERGETIK 
20-30 x  CANDI SEPT drops
(40 x drops in case of pneumonia)

After breakfast:
20 x RAMSON Drops

Before lunch:
20-30 x  CANDI SEPT drops
(40 x Herbal-drops in case of pneumonia)
Before dinner:
1 x 1 tea spoon of IMUNOENERGETIK
20-30 x  CANDI SEPT drops
(40 x Herbal-drops in case of pneumonia)

After dinner:
20 x RAMSON Drops

During the day drink 0,5-1 liter of EKOKANDI wild herb mixture.

Depending on whether the reported symptoms have lasted longer, or the cough is more productive, CANDI SEPT drops may be consumed 4 x 20 Herbal-drops or 3 x 30 Herbal-drops until the first improvement achieved, and then the therapy may be continued with 3 x 20 Herbal-drops.
The therapy must be consumed in complete; also proper nutrition regime for Candida should be applied until all bad symptoms pass away. You must feel yourself that you carve (fight) out with Candidiasis.
Time frames for cleaning the body from “vicious” Candida from the upper respiratory tract are from 3 to 6 months. The length of therapy depends on whether the person is a smoker or a user of any medications without which the person cannot withstand (heart, hormonal medications).

With mouth ulcers caused by Candida, in addition to suggested treatment, the following should be applied:
CANDI SEPT Drops should be directly spreadable on mouth ulcers

Add 30-50 x CANDI SEPT Drops to 0,3l of EKOKANDI organic herbal mixture and add a little bit of Organic Ginger powder (only 1/3 of coffee spoon should be added). During the day gurgle oral cavity and pharynx with the organic mixture.

It is advisable to include garlic pearls in therapy one to two times a day. People who have lower blood pressure should take Garlic pearls in the evening.

With our therapy a “vicious” Candida is cleaned and the immunity is strengthened. Upon completing the therapy, these organic products can be preventively consumed.