What is yeast infection and how to recognize it?

What is Candida?

Candida is widespread in nature; it lives as a saprophyte in the human mucous (mucous membrane of mouth, digestive system, bronchi and vagina). This means that it is a natural inhabitant of the body, it protects our organism.

Candida – Symptoms

The list of symptoms of “Vicious” Candida – Candidiasis is very long and extensive and the process of laboratory diagnosis is often unsuccessful because routine medical examinations usually give negative results.

Proper nutrition

There are many diet regimes that are rigorous and have more negative effects on the body, and thus on the treatment of Candida.

Proper nutrition includes healthy food that accelerates recovery.

Natural treatments for yeast infection (Candida)

Systemic Candida

When it comes to systemic Candidiasis, it means that bad Candida is activated in most parts of the body, which can by recognized by the symptoms that accompany it.

In this case it is recommended to consume the complete treatment with organic products.

Digestive tract
Candidiasis of digestive tract

Symptoms: indigestion, acid, bloating, gases, changes in stool, mucous stool, a false urge to defecate, the urge to vomit, malaise.

Causes stress, antibiotics or other medications, treatment with the triple medicine therapy of helicobacter pylori…

Bronchi and lungs

Symptoms: Heavy breathing, frequent bronchitis, fatigue, difficult expectoration, shortness of breath, decline of immunity, repeated pneumonia…

Causes: Smoking is very often one of the cause, as well as consumption of antibiotics too often.

Upper respiratory tract

Symptoms: White deposits, fissures or “stamps” on the tongue, mouth ulcers, a chronic inflammation of the throat or tonsils, cough, scratchy throat, fatigue.

Causes: use of antibiotics or other medications, stress, carbonated drinks, fast food, nicotine, decline in immunity, sweets…

Genital candidiasis

Symptoms: vaginal infections and discharge, irregular cycles, activation of cystic lesions, increased PMS, possible cause to infertility.

Causes: synthetic sanitary napkins and daily panty liners, frequent use of chemical vaginal tablets, synthetic underwear, sexual intercourse.

Skin and nails
Candidiasis of skin and nails

Symptoms: dry or chapped skin, “STINGING NETTLE rash”, skin flaking, redness, rash (allergic skin reaction), water blisters, feet odour.

Candidiasis of nails – symptoms: yellow nails, thickened, rough and uneven nails, irregular nail growth, nails damaged down to its root, brittle nails.

Senses and allergies

Symptoms: loss of taste or smelling sense, tinnitus, hearing disorders, blurred vision, the occurrence of different types of allergies…

Causes: use of antibiotics or other medications, stress, unhealthy nutrition full of additives and preservatives, nicotine, low immunity.

Neurological disorders

Symptoms: depression, anxiety, fatigue, dizziness, loss of concentration, alcohol intoxication, lack of mental and physical strength, irritability, insomnia, moodiness, panic, fear.

Causes: loss of immunity, variety of medicinal therapy, consuming of irregular and unhealthy food.