Male sterility induced by chlamydia

Chlamydia, a very silent type of STD, can sometimes cause sterility due to the symptoms not being noticed.

The combination of organic plants for naturally treating sterility caused by chlamydia:
Candida in bronchi and lungs

Before breakfast:
1×1-2 tea spoon of IMUNOENERGETIK honey
20-30 CANDI SEPT drops

After breakfast:
20x RAMSONS drops

Before lunch:
1x APIURO honey

Before dinner:
1x tea spoon of APIURO honey
20-30 URO SEPT drops

After dinner:
20x RAMSONS drops

During the day drink half a litre of EKOURO mixture of organic herbs and half a litre of EKOKANDI mixure of organic herbs, apart from your meals.
It is necessary to use PROPOSAN ointment every day, but it can be also used during the day.

Apart from consuming these organic products it is necessary to take care of_

With marital or sexual partners, it is necessary to use protection for at least the first month or two days, because then a strong cleansing is in the process, and optionally your partner should use the same treatment.

During this treatment it is necessary to use the proper nutrition when having urological problems, spend as much time in fresh air and do physical activities.