Male infertility

Infertility in men is diagnosed by examination of sperm sample, which is usually concentrated on the quantity of sperm, its chemistry, viscosity, and mobility of sperm, semen volume, its appearance and odour, sperm-culture testing on fungi and bacteria is mandatory.
Causes may include: alcohol, nicotine, carbonated beverages, frequent urinary tract infections, bacterial and fungal infections, varicocele (varicose veins of the testicles), had mumps, testicular tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis, Chlamydia infection, Ureaplasma.

The combination of organic products for male infertility:

Proper nutrition, that excludes the use of alcohol, carbonated drinks, nicotine, fast food and food full of additives, should be applied.
Physical activity in the fresh air, outdoors, the use of organic products in the therapy can be helpful in solving this problem.

Male infertility

IMUNOENERGETIK – 3 x 1 teaspoon
ORGANIC APPLE VINEGAR – 2 x 1 tablespoon;
EKOVEN DROPS– 2 x 20 drops (
BIGROOT GERANIUM (Lat. Geranium robertiani) – 0.5 liter of tea per day, and
EKOIMUNO TEA – 0.5 liter of tea per day.

With these products, the organic vitamins should be added, the type and dosage is determined on a case-by-case basis, according to the semen test analysis. In this way, a therapy is prescribed if the sperm-culture is sterile. When sperm-culture is not sterile, depending on whether it is a fungal or bacterial infection, therapy can include our organic products:
with “vicious” Candida – Candidiasis — our Candidiasis therapy should be applied;
with bacterial infections —- our urinary tract therapy (bacterial infection – cystitis) should be applied, and
with chronic inflammation of the prostate — our Prostatitis therapy should be applied.

Until obtaining proper results from semen test analysis, it is necessary to apply the aforementioned therapy with our organic products from 3 to 6 months. It is a custom to make control test analysis every 30 to 45 days of the therapy in order to track the changes, and to make modifications in the therapy, if required.
If the existence of varicocele is ascertained, and there is a recommendation for surgery, we suggest to start consuming the therapy before the surgical operation itself and to continue with it afterwards because of the following: varicocele surgery itself causes a new decrease in semen analysis after operation, and it takes 6 months for achieving improvement. In order to overcome this situation more easily and quickly, it is necessary to apply our therapy of organic products before and after surgery. The recovery will be faster and the decrease in semen analysis will be reduced.