Liver cleansing – proper diet

In the process of liver cleaning, apart from using natural food additives, it is necessary to have a propur nutrition that helps with liver cleaning and regeneration, as well as the pancreas and spleen.

You should not use the following:
  • Food that has additives, preservatives and emulsifiers
  • Bread and pastries filled with preservatives and additivesđ
  • Smoked barbecue and fast food (pizza, hamburgers, toasted sandwiches)
  • Sweets and snacks (cakes, ice cream, pancakes, spicy snacks, chips….)
  • Whole milk
  • Alcohol and fizzy drinks
  • Nicotine (recomended to fully remove it or drastically reduce the amount)
  • It is preferable to thorw away hard chemical medications and supplements (corticosteroid and hormonal supplements, hormonal medicine, antibiotics..)
Chronic bronchitis - natural treatment
Instead you can use:
  • Whole-wheat bread and pastries (whole wheat, rye, wheat, oat flower)
  • Wild river or sea fish
  • Non-fat meat (veal and beef- cooked, steamed, roasted)
  • All fruits and vegetables
  • Yoghurt 0% fat without cholesterol
  • Fresh cheess
  • Natural juices without preservatives and additives
  • Cold presser oil without cholesterol (pumpkin, flax, sesame, grape seed oil)
  • As much garlic and onions as possible
  • Instead of whine and alcohol vinegar use wild apple vinegar
  • Natural whey

With the listed nutrition it is necessasry to have proper physical activity. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to be a workout or a power walk, it depends on age. It is necessary to have physical activity with the minimum length of half an hour. Before using medicine you should use the proper nutrition, exercise and natural food additives, and then follow the effect of this treatment. In most cases (90%) the combination gives a positive effect.