HPV virus and genital warts

When it comes to HPV virus is important to diagnose the virus in its early stages. The fight against the HPV virus is based on strengthening the immune system regardless of gender:

Combination of organic products for treating the HPV Virus:

IMUNOENERGETIK – 3×1 tea spoons
CANDI SEPT Drops – 3×20 drops
EKOIMUNO Tea – 1 liter daily

Aditional to this treatment it is neccessary to includehealthy diet for Candide and appropriate vitamin and mineral therapy, which is determined from person to person.
When it comes to females, in addition to taking organic therapy it is neccessary to rinse with EKOKANDI Tea, willow bark and oak bark. Place alternately herbal suppositories.

When it comes to genital warts is necessary to drink

IMUNOENERGETIK 2×1 tea spoons
CANDI SEPT Drops 3×20 drops
EKOKANDI Tea 1 lit daily

It is also neccessary to spread warts directly with Candi Sept 2 to 3 times a day, it also helps if you place few drops of Candi Sept on gauze and place lining directly on warts. Do this regulary until all warts disapear.