Herpes (Simplex, Zoster)

Herpes is one of the most common viral infection, it is closely related to low immunity, so that depending on the immune system, they occur more or less frequently.

Combination of organic products against herpes:

IMUNIENERGETIK | 3×1 tea spoon
CANDI SEPT Drops | 3×20 drops
EKOIMUNO Tea | 1 liter per day

C1000 (organic vitamin that does not damage the mucosa) – 2×1 daily
B komplex natural – 1 daily (only in case if person doesnt have problems with Candida)

CANDI SEPT Drops – spread it on the outside: When the herpes is, regardless where (genital, on the face, around the yuan, in other places of the body), dont put on anything greasy or any kind of oitment because it leads to the spread of herpes, but directly smear CANDI SEPT Drops three times a day. Herpes can not “close” but it dries and does not spread. When its completely dry and when “scrabs” start to fall smear Proposan ointment 2-3 times a day. Continue to drink our organic treatment (as explained above) at least 30 days. To herpes which rarely occurs, it is necessary to constantly work on maintaining immunity.

Continue to drink: In the morning 1 tea spoon of Imunoenergetik i 20 CANDI SEPT Drops.

To achieve the desired positive effects next to mentioned organic treatment it is necessary to eat healthy (proper diet for Candida), engage in physical activities and stay in the fresh air at least 1 hour a day. In cases where the herpes is result of stress, it is necessary to use in addition to these therapies EKORELAX Tea – 0.5 liters a day and VALERIAN Drops – 2×30 drops per day.
Natural theapies with organic products can help you, especially if you are disciplined and willing to make positive changes in your diet and lifestyle.