Hepatitis and fatty liver

The liver participates in the maintenance of proper blood composition, the ammount of fat, sugars and protein. He is the first blood cleaner in our organism because it detoxifies alcohol, medicine, chemical compounds, toxins… There is a saying that says „The liver is the mirror of our health“. It is extremely durable and it can regenerate or recover.

Causes of liver disfunction: inadequate food, unselective use of medicine (hepatotoxicity of the liver), alcoholism, usage of fizzy drinks, viruses (hepatitis A, B, C), fatty liver, smoking, hormonal therapy…

The combination of organic products used to treat hepatitis and fatty liver are:
Liver dysfunction

In the morning before or after breakfast:
1×2 API LIV honey

During the day before or after lunch:
1×2 API LIV honey

In the evening before or after dinner:
1×2 API LIV honey

During the day drink half a litre of yellow gentian root (Gentiana lutea) and one litre of EKOLIV mixture of organic plants.

During this natural treatment it is necessary to have a proper diet for liver cleansing.

This natural remedy can be drunk for a longer period of time depending on the condition (3-6 months) or for one month 2-3 times a year preventively. This natural treatment also helps with basic organism stregnthening and with pancreatic and spleen issues.

****This natural treatment with organic products is adapted to all ages. It can be drunk by children, pregnant women and nursin mothers.