Symptoms: heartburn, bad digestion, acid, an urge to vomit, stomach and gut spasms

The combination of organic products used to treat gastritis are:
Candida in bronchi and lungs

In the morning before lunch:
20x ULKUS SEPT drops

In the morning after breakfast:
1 x zea spoon of ORGANIC ALFALFA with yoghurt 0% fat

Before lunch:
20x ULKUS SEPT drops

Before dinner:
20 x ULKUS SEPT drops

After dinner:
1 x tea spoon of ORGANIC ALFALFA with  yoghurt 0% fat

During the day drink half a litre to a litre of EKOULKO mixture of organic herbs apart from your meal.

This natural treatment with organic products with gastritis last for a minimum of 1-3 months, and after that EKOULKO tea and ULKUS SEPT drops can be used when needed.

For a better and successful treatment it is recommended to have a proper diet for the digestive system.

***The listed natural treatment with organic products is adjusted for all ages. It can be used by kids, pregnant women and nursing mothers.