Female sterility caused by fungal infections

Causes: Candida, staphylococci, streptococci… urogenital fungal infections, iregular menstrual cycle, no menstrual cycle, cysts, myomas, rigorous diets, suddedn weight change, hormonal imbalance, no ovulation.

The combination of products used to reat female sterility cause by fungal infections are:
Candida in bronchi and lungs

Before breakfast:
1x tea spoon of IMUNOENERGETIK honey
20-30 CANDI SEPT drops

Before lunch:
20-30 CANDI SEPT drops

After lunch:
20x RAMSONS drops

Before dinner:
1x tea spoon of IMUNOENERGETIK honey
20-30 CANDI SEPT drops

After dinner:
20 x drops of RAMSONS

During the day drink EKOKANDI mixture of organic herbs, WILLOW BARK ( one night EKOKANDI mixture, the second night WILLOW BARK)

It is necessary to use the PROPOSAN ointment, every evening or during the day, and in the evening you put vaginalete, herbal vaginalete (PROPOVAG – propolis + yarrow, HERBAL VAGINALETES – sage, marigold….) These vaginaletes are put alternately one kind and then the other kind.

Apart from consuming these organic products you should take care of the following:

  • You should use 100% cotton pads during your cycle and daily ones if needed
  • Cotton underwear
  • Rinse exclusively with natural intimate liquid based on propolis and whey

With marital or sexual partners, it is necessary that during a month or two you use protection or use the same treatment with food and drinks, because it is a period when there is a stronger cleaning of the infection.

**Apart from consuming these organic products you should also have a proper dietary regime, spend as much time in fresh air as possible and do physical activities (walking, bike rides etc.)

With fungal infection where there is a hormonal imbalance it is necessary to add organic vitamins and supplements, which precise dosage depends from case to case.

REMARKS: If the woman becomes pregnant and she sill has the fungal infection, the natural treatment with organic products can still be continued because the products don’t have a negative impact on the mother or the baby, they rather strengthen the immunity of the mother and help with the pregnancy.