Digestion – bad digestion

Todays lifestyle (low physical activity, fast food, dry food, food filled with additives and preservers, uncontrolled usage of medicine..) The basic causes of digestion, constipation and bad digestion and as a result hemorrhoids.

The combination of organic products used to imrpove digestion are:
Candida in bronchi and lungs
BIOPRO is an organic food made out of whole grain and organic plants naturally rich in protein, riboflavins,  different ferments, enzymes, cellulose, Q3, 6, 9, vitamins and minerals (A, E, C, B1. B2, PP … POTASSIUM, MAGNESIUM, IRON).

In the morning right before breakfast:
20 x ULKUS SEPT drops
1-2 tea spoon of BIOPRO PREPARATION with yoghurt with 0% fat.

Right before lunch:
20 x ULKUS SEPT drops

Right before dinner:
20 x ULKUS SEPT drops

The mixture of organic plants EKOFIT about half to a litre is drunko daily during the day, and it is used alternately with BIOPRO. One day you use BIPRO organic grain mixture and the other day you drink EKOFIR mixture of organic herbs.

This natural treatment with organic preparations helps with bad digestion and digestion problems. It can be used indefinitely (there is no time for when you use it, it is used periodally by need)

For better results use a proper nutrition for the digestive system.

***This natural treatment with organic products is adjusted for all ages. It can be used by kids, pregnant women and nursing mothers.