Cocsaki, CMV, EPB, Adeno

Cocsaki, CMV, EPB, Adeno

(cocsaki cytomegalovirus, Epstahb Warm Adeno virus)

At the present time, these viruses are frequent, and viral infections that cause them can make a lasting impact on our health, especially the heart and other vital organs. In these and other viral infections it is important to diagnose it as early as possible so that the length of the natural therapy is shorter (therapy lasts from 6 months to 2 years). In addition to the therapy its needed to make changes in diet (proper diet for Candida), walks in the fresh air, avoiding lifting heavy, heavy physical work, stop doing sports, while viral infections do not heal.

Combinatino of organic products for Cocsaki, CMV, EPB and Adeno virus

IMUNOENERGETIK – 3×1 tea spoons
CANDI SEPT Drops – 3×20 drops
EKOKANDI Tea – 1 liter daily
Hawthorn drops – 3×20 drops
Organic C1000 – 3×1 daily

With the addition of vitamin and mineral therapy, which is determined depending on the duration of infection. Drink until the parameters of the virus does not turn back to normal.