About us

In Bar, since February 1992. exists and works DOO “IN Spe”, company which main activities are buying, processing and marketing of healthy herbs and honey based products. In 1996. this company arrived on the market of Serbia and Montenegro with the diet product line “EKO MONTENEGRO”, including a wide range of preparations, tea mixtures (blends), tinctures and herbal potions. This line consists of teas for different healthy conditions, eight completely clear natural diet honey based products  and healthy herbs for kids and adults, as well as apple vinegar. They are putting maximum efforts to survive on this extremely severe and demandable way of organic production, and they are working on obtaining organic certificates for each new product of the line EKO MONTENEGRO in the years coming.
Every product of this company is trade marked as a “PRODUCT OF NATURE” which indicates that every product of DOO “In Spe” are made of organic certified herbs, which are all of natural origin, without any chemical adds, emulgators, conservacies or additives.

Picking sites

Mountain areas rich with medical herbs , Montenegrin forests, sunny side; no roads, only stone tracks; great distance from industries and factories, without settlements; heights of picking sites variate from 1800 m up to 2200 m above sea level. The sites of picking are mountains Bjelasica, Vojnik, Prokletije, Drobnjaci, Krivošija and the mountain area of Krajina (Mountain Rumija). Herbs are being collected by trained collectors.

Presence at fairs

EKO MONTENEGRO products are displayed at many agricultural fairs in Podgorica and Novi Sad. IN SPE Ltd. is the only company in Montenegro which has been invited to attend World Fair BIOTECH Nuremberg, Germany, which, thanks to the certificates which the company obtains, enable it to display products on this eminent fair.EKO MONTENEGRO products have won numerous awards, including 8 trophies and a championship trophy for the highest quality, which was won at the Novi Sad Fair from the 2006. to 2009. period. On this show IN SPE Company Ltd. was awarded the prize for the organic manufacturer of the year.