Liver toxicity

If you use stronger medicine this products help preventing hepatotoxicity from happening, or if it already happened, this natural treatment helps the liver clean itself and regenerate.

The natural treatment used to treat hepatotoxicity of the liver and help it regenerate are:
Chronic bronchitis - natural treatment

In the morning before breakfast:
1-2 API LIV honey

In the morning after breakfast:
20x GREEN WALNUT drops

During the day before lunch:
1-2 API LIV honey

During the day after lunch:
20x RAMSONS drops

In the evening before dinner:
1-2 API LIV honey

In the evening after dinner:
20x GREEN WALNUT drops

During the day drink 1l of EKOLIV mixture of organic herbs. With liver cleansing it is necessary to have the proper diet for it.

For a healthy liver you should use the specified treatment of organic products two times a year (spring and autumn) so the liver cleans itself in the transitional period.

The specified organic products can be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers, they help strengthen your bofy and halp with pancreatic and spleen problems.